We are the best fitness trainers in Frankfort, Illinois – and we earned this position because we are fully experienced with the best of training experts in our industry.

Right at our fitness center, our main mission and goal is to impact lives through fitness training with our state-of-the-art facility. Please note we are not a gym where you can just walk around and do some weight lifting or body building. We’re not a gym where you just walk on the treadmill.

Our Frankfort, Illinois fitness facility provides a wide array of group exercise programs, personal training and a treasure of other fitness benefits and features and our programs are tailored to take care of everyone from kids to adults; and they are meant to help you tone up, lose weight, stay fit, and stay on top of any game by getting faster, stronger or more explosive.

Monster Sports Training Strength & Conditioning and Speed & Agility exercises gives everyone an edge to perform gloriously in sports and delivers the winning advantage for all games & competition. And because of the training techniques we provide your child or athlete they will have a great advantage over their competition. Their victories are your victories! Having an advantage and sticking out not only gives you bragging rights as a parent but increases your chances of getting a scholarship. That’s huge and who doesn’t want to save money sending their child to college?!

Our trainers are professionals from various works of life with diverse background of high level athletic coaching skills. We have true passion and love to ensure high levels of physical fitness and to teach spot-on athletic activities. Monster Sports Training team exploits state-of-the-art in sports science methodology along with years of practical know-how, to guide & fix you up in the best shape of your life.

If you are bored of visiting the gym and frustrated using the treadmills with no positive gains or results to show for all the wasted effort, then you should SMILE now because well put you on the right track to help you achieve all of your fitness needs – so that you become the athlete that is stronger & faster than anyone in your area or sport, or maybe you just want to get in better shape with our dynamic strength training. Six packs and toned muscles with a blend of speed and agility is a powerful combo that keeps you ready for any adventure or competition.

Join our members who are all greatly enjoying their lives while staying healthier with our Strength & conditioning, speed & agility and fitness classes.

We are proudly 1 of the best gyms and fitness trainers in Frankfort, Illinois and have been voted so by those who are past and current participants and we take pride in providing group fitness lessons that cover a wide choice of interests and aptitude levels.

Get the motivation today to be BETTER with our ultimate fitness routines.

You get out what you put in! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

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Wow, Monster Sports & Fitness changed my life completely. I'm full of energy and ready to take any challenge. My life changed in more ways than I ever though possible.
Mary-Lou Prentice - customer